The "Or David" Yeshiva, headed by Rabbi Daniel Zer Shelita, holds many activities including diligent Torah study and providing aid to the needy. Below are a range of activities of the Yeshiva takes part in:

A Ba’al Teshuva Yeshiva with a Dormitory

בניין הישיבהThe Building of the "Or David" Yeshiva comprises dozens of dorm rooms for about 100 Yeshiva students. The Yeshiva provides three hot meals daily which vary each day, air-conditioned rooms with attached showers, and more. The Yeshiva houses dozens of boys who enjoy learning our Holy Torah day and night. The rabbis of the Yeshiva are very dedicated to the boys and provide their personal attention to each boy. They care for the boys’ spiritual needs as well. The Yeshiva accepts boys from ages 16 to 23. Thanks to our dedicated and professional staff, every boy receives the best tools to grow and become a true Ben Torah and to go on to marry and lead a life of holiness and purity.


Weekly Torah lectures

הרב מרים קולו בדרשה השבועיתThe Rosh Yeshiva has given a weekly Torah lecture on Wednesday evenings for the past 30 years. These fiery mussar lectures are renowned worldwide. 30 years ago the Rosh Yeshiva gave the first of his weekly lectures to only two boys. Only a month later, he filled the entire Synagogue. After opening the Yeshiva (in a small cabin), his weekly lecture became known across Israel. Multitudes flock to hear the words of the Rosh Yeshiva. Today the lecture is held in the Beit Midrash of the Yeshiva and draws about one thousand people. The weekly lecture is broadcast via satellite and the Internet worldwide. These lectures are so powerful that tens of thousands of married and single boys and girls have become baalei teshuva through them. Thousands of Jewish homes have been built with holiness and purity thanks to the Rosh Yeshiva. There are other Torah lectures given by Rav Zer on Jewish Law, Midrash, etc. that are posted on the Yeshiva’s website.  Furthermore, every motsei Shabbat the Rosh Yeshiva gives a lecture on the Holy Sefer the “Or HaChayim” on the Torah.



בית המדרש בבנין הישיבהMarried men are welcome to come and learn in the Kollel of the Yeshiva. The sizeable Kollel is comprised of over 100 men who study together Gemara and Halacha (Jewish law).  The members of the Kollel also aid beginning students and guide them in their first steps of learning Gemara. The Kollel meets every day in the morning and afternoon. Additionally, there is a daily “evening kollel” which includes tens of learners who tutor Yeshiva students, beginners and advanced alike, helping them to advance in their study of Gemara. Also, there is a “kollel Friday” every Erev Shabbat at which tens of learners arrive every Friday morning.  Despite hectic Shabbat preparations, the men in the “kollel Friday” learn until noon.


Midnight Kollel

כולל חצותAnother kollel under the auspices of "Or David" is the Midnight Kollel.This Kollel has over ten avrechim (Torah learners) who get up every midnight and come to learn together, taking a vow keep silent during their learning until dawn, when they pray Ke’Vatikin (with the sunrise). These precious avrechim dedicate their life and arrange their schedule in order to learn at midnight to study Torah all night. It is know from the Holy books that the magnitude of learning Torah at the early morning hours, when there is not as much Torah study in the world, bestows great rewardto those that engage in this Kollel. The Holy Books extol praise on those who learn Torah at early morning hours as such learning comforts the Holy Shechina (G-d’s presence) and particularly in this exile.  There is no greater consolation to the Almighty than to take part in such a holy act.


Religious Midrashia

אברך מלמד בחורים חדשיםEvery Wednesday at 8 pm, before the weekly sermon of the Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Daniel Zer, the fourth floor study hall of the Yeshiva is open to any young man (from all walks of life) who would like to learn with volunteer avreichim and taste the sweet taste of Torah. In this pleasant atmosphere, withrefreshments fit for a king, avreichim and young men learn fascinating topics in Gemara and enjoy true Torah learning, a joy that cannot be obtained by anywhere else.

Chain of Kindergartens and Talmud Torah for Boys

ילדי התלמוד תורה““Or David” also has a Chain of kindergartens run by a professional staff with hand-picked kindergarten teachers. There are afternoon programs as well as a Talmud Torah for the Children of Bet Rabban which are fully funded by the Yeshiva. Children ages 3rd to 8th grade fill the rooms of the Talmud Torah and under the guidance of top-quality rabbis and teachers grow to be first-rate Torah scholars. The caring professional staff imbues children with the holiness of the Torah and the importance of Torah study.  Hundreds of satisfied parents are elated with how their children have grown in purity and holiness and have become Torah scholars, and true servants of Hashem.


Gemach for the needy and Kimha dPischa (Passover provisions)

חלוקת מצרכי מזוןThe first of the intricate laws of Passover brought down by the Shulchan Aruch is one of the most important: To give “Kimha dPischa” (flower for the poor on Passover and other Passover provisions). Therefore, twice a year, before Rosh Hashanah and before Passover, the Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Daniel Zer, Shelita dedicates his precious time to collecting funds for needy families.  Families requesting assistance are asked to fill out forms for the Yeshiva to conduct a background check to verify their need for assistance.  Hundreds of needy families receive Passover provisions each year from the "Or David" Kimha dPischa fund.


Saying Kaddish in Memory of Our Departed Loved Ones

הנצחות בישיבה The Yeshiva offers a number of ways to memorialize and elevate the souls of our departed loved ones. One way is the recitation of "Kaddish" for a year following their passing by a pious Yeshiva student.  One can also dedicate a Day of Learning (so that the sounds of Torah learning echoing throughout the Beit Midrash will stand in their merit), sponsor an event in their memory or light a Yahtzeheit candle in the Yeshiva in their memory.


Reciting Psalms as a Group on Friday Night

ספר תהיליםYeshiva “Or David” is named after the author of Psalms, King David a”h. Initially, the Rosh Yeshiva formed a Psalms reading group and called it “Or David.”  Even as a young man in Yeshivat Porat Yosef, 40 years ago, Rabbi Daniel Zer organized the yeshiva boys to recite together the entire book of Psalms every Friday night until the morning. The tsaddik, Rabbi Avraham Aharonovitz, would tell Rav Zer that big things will come out of these Psalm recitations. After his marriage, Rabbi Zer moved to Bnei Brak, and would invite people to gather in his home and recite the entire book of Psalms every Shabbat.  He continued organizing these gatherings until the establishment of the Yeshiva which he called “Or David” – since it was in the merit of those recitations of Psalms that Rabbi Zer merited to open the Yeshiva.

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