Written by: Or David

Tikun Niftarim is a holy ceremony instituted by the great kabbalist Rabbi Yehuda Patya zt”l to elevate the soul of the deceased.

Every three months, Yeshivat Ohr David conducts a tikkun (a repair/elevation) in memory of the deceased, a ceremony instituted by the holy kabbalist Rabbi Yehuda Patya zt”l. This tikkun is carried out by the students of the Yeshiva who rise up early in the morning and pray shacharit at Netz (sunrise morning prayer). Immediately following the prayer service, the Yeshiva students walk around a sefer Torah (a Torah scroll) while reciting special tefillot (prayers).

This tikkun helps to spiritually elevate the soul of the deceased and to bring him/her from suffering into the Garden of Eden. It is known that many individuals conducted such a tikkun in honor of their loved ones several times until the deceased appeared to them in a dream with a happy countenance dressed in ‘white garb.’

Rabbi Yehuda Patya imparted that this tikkun is especially important for an individual who passed away at a young age or did not make teshuva before his passing.

It is therefore very important for everyone to help the souls of their loved ones, such as a father or mother, grandparent or siblings who have passed on. This tikkun is an act of true kindness on behalf of the departed and in this merit the deceased will pray on his behalf in Heaven.

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