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Here you can commemorate your loved ones by several ways


Want to make elevate the soul of your loved ones?
Yeshivat Or David offers you a variety of options to memorialize your loved ones and to elevate their souls through a dedication and through Torah learning.

Tikkun (elevate) the soul of the departed

Every three months, Yeshivat Ohr David conducts a tikkun (a repair/elevation) of the deceased which has been established by the holy kabbalist Rabbi Patya zt”l. This tikkun is conducted by the students of the Yeshiva who rise early in the morning and pray shacharit at Netz (sunrise morning prayer). Immediately following the prayer service, the Yeshiva students walk a circular path around a Torah scroll while reciting a special prayer.

This tikkun has the spiritual strength to elevate the soul of the deceased and to bring him/her from suffering into the Garden of Eden. It is known that many individuals conducted such a tikkun in honor of their loved ones several times until the deceased appeared to them in a dream with happy countenance dressed in white illuminating garb.

Rabbi Yehuda Patya warns that this tikkun is especially important for someone who is named after an individual who did not live a long life. This tikkun will help prevent that individual from succumbing to the same fate, G-d forbid.

It is therefore very important for everyone to elicit this tikkun to help the souls of their loved ones, such as a father or mother, grandparent or siblings who have passed on. This tikkun is a true kindness to the departed and in this merit the deceased will pray on his behalf in Heaven.
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Recitation of Kaddish

One who lost a close relative such as parent or sibling much recite kaddish on their behalf for a year. However, if he is not sure he will attend synagogue three times a day or someone who lost a friend or a relative and knows that there is no one to say kaddish on his or her behalf, he is able to designate a student or avrech of the Yeshiva to attend synagogue everyday three times a day to recite kaddish on behalf of the deceased in his stead.
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You can commemorate the soul of your loved one by dedicating a “ner tamid” (an eternal light) in the Yeshiva Study Hall which is attended day and night, or dedicating a section of the Yeshiva in memory of a loved one. It is a tremendous merit for the deceased for their name to be commemorated in the Synagogue. Regarding this type of dedication we are told “Even unto them will I give in My house and within My walls a monument and a memorial better than sons and daughters; I will give them an everlasting memorial, that shall not be cut off.” (Isaiah 56:5).
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One can sponsor a meal at Yeshivat Ohr David in memory of a loved one, and the blessings made over the food as well as the Torah learning that is enabled by that meal will serve as an elevation for the soul of the deceased.
One can also dedicate one of the Rabbi’s sermons in memory of a loved one: whether the weekly sermon, the halacha or midrash sermon (which takes place on Mondays) or the lecture on the holy Ohr Hachaim on the Torah (which takes place after Shabbat). The Rav will mention the name of the deceased at the beginning of the lecture and the merit of the lecture will stand for the elevation of his departed soul.
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