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Very recently Yeshiva Ohr David through the efforts of the Rosh Yeshiva, Rav Daniel Zer Shelita, received a very large plot of land to erect a new building for the holy Yeshiva.  The new building will house the Yeshiva Gedolah (main yeshiva) for Baalie Teshuva, a very large Beit Medrash (study hall) which will be used by a Kollel of Avrechim (Torah learners), a kitchen, a lecture hall for the weekly lectures (that draw the attendance of hundreds), and a dormitory for the Yeshiva’s boys with beautiful rooms.

Ohr David Institutions support tens of employees on a monthly basis for all of its subsidiaries, like the Yeshiva Gedolah (main yeshiva), the Talmud Torah (for children’s education), special needs education, girl’s schools, kollels, assistance for those in need and more.  Every donation that you make gives you a part of the great merit of all of the activities and brings the Yeshiva closer to the building of the new Yeshiva building.

In short, with your donation to the Ohr David Institutions you also receive a share in the merit of bringing merit to the masses (zikuy harabim) by becoming our partner in (i) the spreading of Torah, (ii) the service of Hashem and (iii) acts of kindness, as follows:

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Torah – Yeshivat Ohr David supports about 100 Avrechim (Torah learners).  In addition to the main Kollel, the Yeshiva has a “Friday kollel” for those who wish to learn Torah from the early Friday morning hours and a “Midnight kollel” in which Avrechim learn Torah all night long until they pray at sunrise (“Netz” - KaVatikin). Every donation entitles you to the merit of around-the-clock Torah study.

Service of Hashem – One of the greatest ways of bestowing merit on the masses (zikuy harabim) takes place at Yeshivat Ohr David. The weekly Torah lecture of the Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Daniel Zer Shelita, is viewed by satellite, telephone and Internet throughout the world. With every contribution you make, you have a share in this merit of the masses.

Acts of Kindness - The Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Daniel Zer, distributes funds to needy families once a month, and before every Yom Tov.  Before the Passover holiday, the Rosh Yeshiva gives out hundreds of thousands of shekels to hundreds of families.

However, due to the harsh decrees against the Torah world, a steep reduction in government assistance has made the Yeshiva’s situation extremely difficult. Thousands of shekels have been taken away from Yeshivat Ohr David, the boarding school, the “Midnight kollel,” the Talmud Torah, etc. We now find ourselves at a monthly deficit of 100,000 NIS per month. Therefore, Rabbi Daniel Zer is calling upon each of us to help and lend a hand in these difficult times, and may the holy Torah that you helped support stand for you as a merit in this time of need.

Help the Torah world and choose the type of donation that you are interested in:

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One can also donate via the telephone or through Pay-Pal a secure website.