Written by: ישיבת אור דוד

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Donation and charity-from the important mitzvoth in Judaism
Charity is providing material or mental assistance to the needy. The donation is listed as an important commandment in Halacha, and it's made on voluntary basis, therefore, many choose to donate jewish charities. In Jewish law the charity is considered to be a mitzvah from the Torah, and there are many discussions and paragraphs dealing with donations and charities. According to Jewish tradition and Halacha, it is very important to help the poor and the needy, so there are many associations and yeshivas that devote an effort to promoting this important issue. Many verses in the Torah speak in praise of donations jewish charities, and many sayings of sages of the Mishna and the Talmud deal with the importance and social and religious rewards that result from it.
Prayer and contribution in the modern era
According to Judaism, anyone can pray in requests for God. Prayer is a possibility given to the people to ask for their heart's wishes, so that God will take care of their needs and be able to save them when necessary. In the Torah and in the Holy books, a large part of the Talmud deals with praise and gratitude to God, but also in requests that every pray asks from the creator of the universe. The essence of God's work involves prayer; prayer allows every person to approach God and religion through Mitzvoth. A large part of prayer expresses the needs and desires of the person from his God, but the essence of prayer is the exaltation of the spirit, mind, and the experience of the relationship between the believer and His God.
In the modern world, every Jew in Israel and the diaspora has access to reading prayers, chapters and selected verses from holy books on network, and donate to yeshiva online. The internet allows every Jew, anywhere, and at any time to pray, to contribute and to fulfill the commandments. The network opens up to each and every one of us to contribute as well and as its ability anonymously, in an orderly, familiar and secure site. Therefore, a jewish donations on line became common and popular. Orr David's Yeshiva, headed by Rabbi Daniel Zar, is a religious spiritual center and is used for the distribution of Torah and Judaism. Click here to get more information about us, or contact us by phone – 03-5701212